It's Been A While...

...and I'm not referring to one of Staind's more popular songs. I have somehow managed to not update my blog here in a hair under two months. I'd love to claim that I've been wicked busy and/or just hadn't seen any movies to review. The truth is more along the lines of pure laziness and just not getting excited enough about a movie to sit down and type up a review that same day.

So, since I have no real excuse(s), and I really have no idea who (if anyone) checks in to this blog on an even somewhat regular basis, let me mention the couple of upcoming updates that I do have planned in an effort to get back in the habit of regular review posting:

1) This past weekend was a pretty successful new movie viewing weekend, so reviews of Tron: Legacy, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, and Black Swan will be forthcoming. I had originally planned on banging those out this evening, but work was work and it sucked all of the motivation out of me.

2) As the end of the year quickly approaches, I have begun tossing around possibilities for my Top 10 Movies of 2010 list. There are still a handful of flicks being released over these last two weeks that I'd like to try and check out so this update will probably be closer to New Year's. I'm also still considering what criteria I will use for said list.

3) With the help of some feedback from a couple of friends and co-workers, I have decided to tweak the format of my reviews. They will continue to begin with basic film info (including a link to their page on, and will then begin with an as spoiler free review as I can muster. This will be followed in some order by the embedded trailer and a new spoilerific section. This spoiler section will be well labeled and will go into more detail on certain things that I may have liked or disliked about the film. I decided to add this section to provide more info for those people that are looking for such a thing as well as to hopefully help encourage discussion on the blog.

As always, any feedback is more than welcome. Keep a look out this week for the new updates (notifications will be posted on facebook as well)!


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