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Review - Doctor Strange (IMAX 3D)

Doctor Strange (2016), PG-13, 115 minutes - It's been over six months since my last post here on the blog.  At the time I had little notion as to just how much free time a part time job on the side would take up.  I won't bore you with specifics, but I am no longer working two jobs.   Hopefully, this will allow me to get back to somewhat regular blog updates (around catching up on the good old 'honey do' list of course).  Before I get to my thoughts on Doctor Strange, I would like to say that I am very fortunate and thankful to have been put in the position that I have been, allowing me to no longer have to work the second job.  I also have much greater respect and appreciation for those who juggle multiple jobs, whether that be out of necessity or by choice. Last Saturday was my last day on the second job, so Sunday morning I wasted little time in making my way to a theater to see the recently released Doctor Strange, which is a film that I've been pretty stok