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Indie Comic Preview - Dead End Kids [2019] #3

Dead End Kids [2019] #3 - (W) Frank Gogol, (A/C) Nenad Cviticanin, (L) Sean Rinehart, (CA) Criss Madd This is the story of four friends... ...and what happened when one of them was murdered. Like most stories, it gets worse before it gets better. Much worse. I wish I could say everything worked out in the end... But life's not a fucking fairytale. This is how Frank Gogol opens the final chapter of Dead End Kids (out this coming Wednesday, 9/25).  Not only is he up front about what's about to follow, he's downright blatant about it: this tale that is part Goonies, part Stand by Me but set at the turn of the century, will not end well.  The thing is, that even despite his explicit warning, you're still not ready for the emotional punch to the gut that he and his co-conspirator Nenad Cviticanin are about to deliver over the closing pages of the series. This really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who has been picking up Dead End Kids (or to those who