Collected Comic Review - Green Arrow by Mike Grell

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters - Collecting Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters (1987) #1-3.
Green Arrow: Vol. 1 - Hunter's Moon - Collecting Green Arrow (1988) #1-6.
Green Arrow: Vol. 2 - Here There Be Dragons - Collecting Green Arrow (1988) #7-12.
Green Arrow: Vol. 3 - The Trial of Oliver Queen - Collecting Green Arrow (1988) #13-20.
Green Arrow: Vol. 4 - Blood of the Dragon - Collecting Green Arrow (1988) #21-28.
Green Arrow: Vol. 5 - The Black Arrow - Collecting Green Arrow (1988) #29-38.
Green Arrow: Vol. 6 - Last Action Hero - Collecting Green Arrow (1988) #39-50.
Green Arrow: Vol. 7 - Homecoming - Collecting Green Arrow (1988) #51-62.
Green Arrow: Vol. 8 - The Hunt for the Red Dragon - Collecting Green Arrow (1988) #63-72.
Green Arrow: Vol. 9 - Old Tricks - Collecting Green Arrow (1988) #73-80, and Green Arrow: The Wonder Year (1993) #1-4.
Shado: Song of the Dragon (1992) #1-4  - loose issues (not collected).

Over the last couple of years, I have been trying to chip away at my list of…

Collected Comics Review - Thor: Heroes Return Omnibus Vol. 1

Thor: Heroes Return Omnibus Vol. 1 - Collecting Thor (1998) #1-35, Annual 1999, Annual 2000, Iron Man (1998) #21-22, Juggernaut (1999) #1, Peter Parker, Spider-Man (1999) #2, 11, and Silver Surfer/Thor (1998) #1. 

I picked this omnibus up last year when it was first released based primarily upon a good recommendation from a friend of mine, but also because Thor has become one of my favorite Marvel characters over the last few years.  I was actually in the middle of reading the Thor by Walter Simonson Omnibus when this arrived, and as epic as that was, it was a lot of Thor and I needed a bit of a break.  So now, almost a year later, I finally got around to tackling this first volume of Thor from the Heroes Return era.

Heroes Return marked Marvel's line-wide reboot after their Heroes Reborn experiment that saw their biggest properties optioned out to the creative studios of Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld in an effort to breath new life into them and increase sales. In Thor's case, the …

Collected Comic Review - My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies

My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies - Collecting the My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies (2018) Original Graphic Novel.

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have long been one of the preeminent comic book creative teams.  They have been collaborators for nearly twenty years now, and even then My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies signifies a first for the duo: it is their first foray into the use of the original graphic novel (OGN) format. 

The OGN format may be something new from the creative team's bag of tricks, but it will feel quite familiar to long time fans as it is set within their popular Criminal universe (which they will be returning to after a number of years with a new monthly series in 2019).

The central character for My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies is Ellie.  She reluctantly goes through the day to day motions while attending a rehab facility she doesn't feel she belongs in.  Ellie has a glorified outlook on drugs and alcohol, sighting the fact that many artists have pr…

Review - Daredevil (Netflix), Season 3

Daredevil (2015), Season 3, TV-MA, 13 Episodes - I have been impatiently awaiting the third season of Daredevil since it was first announced at San Diego Comic Con two years ago.  Once the actual release date was announced a few weeks back to be October 19, my anticipation and excitement was at an all-time high.  Aside from that date being a very important one in our household (it is my wife's and my anniversary, this year being our fifth), it was also earlier in the year than I had originally expected after it had previously been announced to release by the end of the year.  Even when new series showrunner Eric Oleson attempted to temper expectations by saying this season would not be a direct adaptation of the classic 'Born Again' story by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli (a personal favorite) - which was widely expected - my excitement didn't diminish.  Fortunately, despite my over-eagerness, Season 3 not only lived up to my personal lofty expectations, but it ma…

Review - Iron Fist (Netflix), Season 2

Iron Fist (2017), Season 2, TV-MA, 10 episodes - I seem to have enjoyed the first season of Iron Fist more than most, but even though I found enough cool comic book references and moments to classify the overall season one experience as positive, I certainly can't argue the fact that it was easily the weakest Marvel/Netflix contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). 

The good news is that Season 2 is significantly better than its predecessor.  Don't get me wrong, it isn't perfect, but new showrunner Raven Metzner has taken great strides in course-correcting the series after its critically-panned, lackluster first season.

Just like the second seasons of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage (both released earlier this year), this season of Iron Fist takes place after the events of last fall's The Defenders.  It begins with Danny Rand (Finn Jones) going out on nightly patrols in an effort to keep his promise to Matt Murdock to protect the city. Danny and Colleen Wing (J…

Collected Comic Review - The New Teen Titans: Games

The New Teen Titans: Games - Collecting The New Teen Titans: Games (2011) Original Graphic Novel.

This is a book that I didn't even know existed until I read Marv Wolfman's introduction to The New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 3 (New Edition), when he mentioned it along with The Terror of Trigon arc as being some of George Pérez's best work in his opinion.  Anyone who follows this blog knows that I've been on a wicked Wolfman/Pérez kick lately, so when I was able to scoop up a copy for cheap online, I decided to see what their final New Teen Titans collaboration was all about.

Games is an original graphic novel (OGN) that pits the New Teen Titans against a villain known as the Gamesmaster, a master strategist and former government consultant on war tactics.  Gamesmaster has set in motion a series of explosions across New York City in order to prove to the government that fired him that even with protection from superheroes like the Titans, a carefully executed plan could st…

Collected Comic Review - Wonder Woman Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 2

Wonder Woman Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 2: Collecting Wonder Woman (2016) #15-25, Annual 1, and material from DC Holiday Special 2017 (2018) #1.

With release of this book last month, the entirety of Greg Rucka's Rebirth-era Wonder Woman run has now been collected in the oversize hardcover format.  DC continues to do an excellent job collecting their Rebirth-era material, even if the pace of said releases is a bit slower than just about anyone would like. 

This volume picks up right where the previous volume left off, with Rucka continuing to alternate story arcs each issue in order to weave a tale between Diana's earliest days in man's world and the present.  This may sound a bit confusing, and it did make things a little difficult to keep up with as the issues were originally put out, but when it is all collected together in the originally intended order (the trades collected each arc on its own, regardless of publishing/issue numbering), the alternating issue format wo…

Collected Comic Review - The New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 3 (New Edition)

The New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 3 (New Edition)Collecting Tales of the Teen Titans (1984) #42-68, Annual 3, and The New Teen Titans (1984) #1-9.

My last review was for volume two of this series of omnibi and I enjoyed it so much that instead of taking a break for something else, I dove right into volume three (just released last month), and boy am I glad I did.

This volume covers two of the best story arcs from the creative team of Marv Wolfman and George Pérez that I have read, beginning with the classically acclaimed The Judas Contract and then later The Terror of Trigon (Pérez's last contribution to the title before a few year hiatus).  I had minimal passing knowledge of the events of both arcs thanks to their loose adaptations in the Teen Titans animated series that ran from 2003-2006, but these original versions prove to be masterfully crafted.

The Judas Contract starts this collection off with a bang as the Titans are betrayed by one of their own, Dick Grayson re-brands h…

Collected Comic Review - The New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 2 (New Edition)

The New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 2 (New Edition) - Collecting The New Teen Titans (1980) #21-40, Annual #1-2, Tales of the Teen Titans (1984) #41, and Batman and the Outsiders (1983) #5.

This collection was released earlier this year and is the second installment in the set of new editions of The New Teen Titans omnibi that looks to more comprehensively collect the classic DC comics run spearheaded by creators Marv Wolfman and George Pérez.  The contents of this volume differ slightly from the original edition released in 2012 (that edition also included the first three issues of The Judas Contract story arc).  These new editions move the entirety of that arc to the beginning of volume three, which was released last month.

This volume up directly following the events of volume one and starts off with the introduction of Brother Blood, the leader of The Church of Brother Blood from the small nation of Zandia, and a new villain for the Titans to oppose.  Wolfman and Pérez use Blood'…