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Crime Corner Daredevil Discussion with Jess and Taylor on Omnidog's Vault!

Those who follow my social media accounts are likely already aware, but this past Wednesday night I was a guest on the Omnidog's Vault YouTube channel's LIVE Crime Corner show! We discussed the modern classic Daredevil runs of Brian Michael Bendis/Alex Maleev and Ed Brubaker/Michael Lark.  It was a ton of fun and fortunately my WiFi waited until just about the very end before acting up and dropping my connection (apologies for the technical difficulties) These are two of my favorite runs produced by a handful of my favorite creators and it was great to chat with Jess and Taylor about them.  You can watch the discussion here or by visiting Omnidog's Vault on YouTube (which you should do, because there's a ton of great content there). Thanks again to Jess and Taylor for the invite, hopefully we can talk more DD in the future!

Talking Custom Binds and Daredevil with Tim Benson of Omaha Bound!

I'm waaaaaaaaay overdue for a blog update!  Life hasn't been very cooperative over the last few months as far as allowing time for writing reviews, but I have been keeping both my Daredevil Collected Edition Reference and Jason Aaron Thor Collected Edition Reading Order updated, so I've got that going for me...which is nice. On a more serious note, I had the opportunity last week to nerd out for a little bit with Tim Benson of Omaha Bound in the second installment of his new series for Omaha Bound's YouTube channel .  Tim was a generous host, humoring my long-windedness and many Daredevil-related tangents (anyone who has followed this blog shouldn't be surprised by that at all).  As you'll learn, he's also quite a DD fan, so you're all lucky that we managed to stay on topic as much as we did!  He even rightly called me out on forgetting to mention the Andy Diggle/Shadowland era when discussing the amazing run that the title has been on for the last tw