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Indie Comic Preview - Going to the Chapel [2019] #2

Going to the Chapel [2019] #2 - (W) David Pepose, (A) Gavin Guidry, (C) Liz Kramer, (L) Ariana Maher, (CA) Sweeney Boo, Maan House, and Gavin Guidry The second chapter of Going to the Chapel hits LCS shelves everywhere this Wednesday (10/23) and it's an installment that you'll definitely want to pick up if you read last month's premiere issue as it doles out important back story and advances the current plot in ways that present some interesting new wrinkles to this not-so-typical heist tale from David Pepose and Gavin Guidry. For those who didn't read the first issue, allow me to bring you up to speed: Socialite Emily Anderson's wedding to local architect Jesse Moore is interrupted when the notorious Bad Elvis Gang shows up looking to steal the $250 million Dresden sapphire necklace that Emily is wearing (on loan to her father from Paris).  As it turns out, Emily has a bit of a past with Tom, leader of the Bad Elvis Gang, which turns this heist into a bit mo