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Review - Iron Fist (Netflix), Season 2

Iron Fist (2017), Season 2, TV-MA, 10 episodes - I seem to have enjoyed the first season of Iron Fist more than most, but even though I found enough cool comic book references and moments to classify the overall season one experience as positive, I certainly can't argue the fact that it was easily the weakest Marvel/Netflix contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).  The good news is that Season 2 is significantly better than its predecessor.  Don't get me wrong, it isn't perfect, but new showrunner Raven Metzner has taken great strides in course-correcting the series after its critically-panned, lackluster first season. Just like the second seasons of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage (both released earlier this year), this season of Iron Fist takes place after the events of last fall's The Defenders .  It begins with Danny Rand (Finn Jones) going out on nightly patrols in an effort to keep his promise to Matt Murdock to protect the city. Danny and Coll

Collected Comic Review - The New Teen Titans: Games

The New Teen Titans: Games  - Collecting The New Teen Titans: Games (2011) Original Graphic Novel. This is a book that I didn't even know existed until I read Marv Wolfman's introduction to The New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 3 (New Edition) , when he mentioned it along with The Terror of Trigon arc as being some of George Pérez's best work in his opinion.  Anyone who follows this blog knows that I've been on a wicked Wolfman/Pérez kick lately, so when I was able to scoop up a copy for cheap online, I decided to see what their final New Teen Titans collaboration was all about. Games is an original graphic novel (OGN) that pits the New Teen Titans against a villain known as the Gamesmaster, a master strategist and former government consultant on war tactics.  Gamesmaster has set in motion a series of explosions across New York City in order to prove to the government that fired him that even with protection from superheroes like the Titans, a carefully executed pla