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Talking Custom Binds and Daredevil with Tim Benson of Omaha Bound!

I'm waaaaaaaaay overdue for a blog update!  Life hasn't been very cooperative over the last few months as far as allowing time for writing reviews, but I have been keeping both my Daredevil Collected Edition Reference and Jason Aaron Thor Collected Edition Reading Order updated, so I've got that going for me...which is nice. On a more serious note, I had the opportunity last week to nerd out for a little bit with Tim Benson of Omaha Bound in the second installment of his new series for Omaha Bound's YouTube channel .  Tim was a generous host, humoring my long-windedness and many Daredevil-related tangents (anyone who has followed this blog shouldn't be surprised by that at all).  As you'll learn, he's also quite a DD fan, so you're all lucky that we managed to stay on topic as much as we did!  He even rightly called me out on forgetting to mention the Andy Diggle/Shadowland era when discussing the amazing run that the title has been on for the last tw