Trailer Talk - Elysium (2013)

Wow.  This first trailer for Elysium looks amazing.  I'm not really sure what else to say.  I've been eagerly anticipating the next Neill Blomkamp project since walking out of the theater after seeing District 9 a few years ago.  Before today, we've only seen a couple of production stills.  Now we've got a full fledged trailer for his latest writing/directing effort and it completely justifies my placing it sight unseen at number three on my Most Anticipated Films of 2013 list.

Set in the year 2159, Elysium is the virtual utopia that is home to the wealthy.  As the trailer says the rest of us live on Earth, which is a planet in ruin.  We are not told how or why Earth is the shell of its former self that is, but it has basically become a slum much like District 9 in Blomkamp's last outing.  Matt Damon is Max, and appears to be the lead of some sort of rebellion.  Elysium looks to be very similar to District 9 in that it melds sci-fi with a socio-political story line and top notch visual effects.  Blomkamp obviously has a much larger budget to work with this time around but it is clear from the trailer that he still employs the same sensibilities that made District 9 such a success.  Along with the larger budget comes a more well known cast.  Damon, Jodie Foster, and District 9's breakout Sharlto Copley all star in Elysium.

My hopes for Elysium have been quite high and very hard to curb since I first heard about it.  The good news is that it looks to be not only worthy of those hopes but maybe even better than I could have hoped.  Elysium is scheduled to drop on August 9.  Not to wish away four months worth of time - believe me with a wedding to help plan I'll need every minute - but as far as movies go, I can't wait for the beginning of August!


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    1. I know! I've watched it a dozen times and can't get enough. 4 more months!


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