2015 Oscar Nominated Shorts - Animated

It wouldn't surprise me if the local art house theater has shown the Oscar nominated short films in the past, but this year was the first year that I actually had the opportunity to check them out!  There are two categories of short films: animated and live action.  I've clumped all of the animated short films into this post and will follow it up with a post containing the live action short films.

Because I've never had the chance to view the Oscar nominated short films prior to the actual awards ceremony, I've never really thought much about the criteria pertaining to these categories.  But this year I took the time to look them up.  As with most rules, there are a number of stipulations that these films must meet.  Instead of trying to explain them myself, I'll just leave a link to them for those interested here.

Since the animated films tend to be much shorter than the live action shorts, they were shown along with four other animated shorts that had received consideration but fell shy of an official nomination.  For anyone curious, those films were: Bus StoryDuetFootprints, and Sweet Cocoon.  A big thanks to The Grandin Theatre for making this films available for viewing!  On to the actual nominees (listed alphabetically):

The Bigger Picture (2014), NR, 8 minutes - The story of two brothers and their conflicting opinions over whether or not to put their elderly mother into a home.  Possibly the most uniquely made of the animated films thanks to its combination of painted and three dimensional model styles.

The Dam Keeper (2014), NR, 18 minutes - Presented in smudgy, sketchy style, The Dam Keeper takes place in a world full of animals in which a young pig inherits the responsibility of taking care of the dam at the edge of town that keeps the darkness out.  His responsibilities cause him to be a bit of an outcast and he really has no friends.  That is until the new kid at school who likes to draw strikes up a friendship with him.

Feast (2014), G, 6 minutes - Last year's pre-feature length film animated short from Pixar, Feast quickly, cutely, and emotionally shows how a puppy's eating habits change depending on what is going on in his owner's life.  Feast has a well finished cell shaded look, the high quality that we've all come to expect from Pixar.

Me and My Moulton (2014), NR, 14 minutes - This short is done in a simple, hand drawn style and shows three young sisters and their observations on life, not only in their family, but within their apartment building, book-ended by their request for, and their receiving of a bicycle from their parents.

A Single Life (2014), NR, 3 minutes - A cute if not morbid story of a woman with a time-changing record player presented in a stop motion clay-mation style.  As she moves the turntable's needle earlier in the song she gets younger and, conversely, she ages as the song progresses.  Back and forth, back and forth, until...


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