Review - Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs (2015), R, 122 minutes - I saw this film a little while ago and just haven't gotten around to getting my thoughts down 'on paper' so to speak.  As is evident by its title, this film focuses on its namesake, using backstage interactions from three landmark product launches to give us insight into the man behind Apple's rise to prominence in the computer industry.  

This film from director Danny Boyle is very dialogue heavy, which may be a bit worrisome if not for the fact that the screenplay was written by Aaron Sorkin.  Michael Fassbender (Jobs), Kate Winslet (Joanna Hoffman), Jeff Daniels (John Sculley), Seth Rogan (Steve Wozniak), and Michael Stuhlbarg (Andy Hertzfeld) bring that screenplay to life in a very engaging manner that speeds the film along at a pace that belies its two hour run time.

I was a little surprised when I saw that the entire film plays out over snippets from just three days over the course of twenty years, but it really provides a fascinating look into the mindset of not just Jobs, but those around him as he willed Apple to the forefront of the computer industry.  As it is based on Walter Isaacson's authorized biography of the same name, I can only assume (although you know what happens when you assume) that the events depicted in the film are fairly accurately represented.

Steve Jobs is a well made, entertaining biopic that allows us to peek behind the curtain at a handful of one visionary's most triumphant and vulnerable moments.  Steve Jobs' story as shown in this film my not be something that resonates with everyone, but the performances from Fassbender and Winslet make it well worth a watch if you have even the slightest interest.  


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