Official Nerd in the 'Noke Logo!

I've been toying with the idea of having a logo created for the blog for a year or two now.  Today, after a couple months of work-shopping ideas and designs with friend and local artist Josh Ginter, I'm unveiling the official Nerd in the 'Noke logo!

I'm really happy with the design that Josh came up with based on my initial scribble on a sticky note and a little consultation.  I'm excited to have a more official 'face' for the blog and hope to be able to use this in a number of places moving forward.  Please take the time to check out Josh's work on Instagram and on Facebook.  

Along with the logo, I now have a new Instagram account of my own (yeah, yeah, late to the party), so be sure to follow nerdinthenoke there as well!


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