Daredevil has long been my favorite comic, and has been in the hands of some excellent creative teams over the past few years (Brian Michael Bendis/Alex Maleev, Ed Brubaker/Michael Lark, and now Andy Diggle with Antony Johnston and artists Roberto De La Torre and Marco Checchetto).

Over that time, one of the greatest things about Daredevil as a book is that the stories have been self contained in DD's own little corner of the Marvel Universe (Hell's Kitchen). This has been awesome in that all you need to do to follow DD's story is pick up a single book. No crossovers, no major universe changing events, just the monthly Daredevil release.

This past weekend at C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo), Marvel made major announcements concerning the upcoming Shadowland storyline that has been teased in a couple of recent issues of DD. I was a little leery at first as it's being released as a separate mini-series (5 issues) that will stand alone, but will also tie into the upcoming Daredevil arc 'In the Shadows'. Luckily it appears that it will be comprised of the 5 issue series plus just a handful of side issues focusing on some of the other characters involved as opposed to the monster events of the past (from both Marvel and DC).

I'm excited to see where Diggle takes the story and DD as a character. I'm sure it will be entertaining as the beginning of his run has been strong. I'm just being selfish in not wanting to pick up a bunch of books to absorb everything. I suppose I can splurge this time since I've been able to avoid House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion, and Siege (other huge Marvel events) over the past few years.

Shadowland Announcement (from CBR)

Check out a short interview with Andy Diggle below:


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