Review - Deftones - Diamond Eyes

So I've never really been one to review music (and I don't really plan on making a habit out of it). Partially because my tastes tend to run a little harder than most people I have regular contact with, and partially because I've never been one to get too hung up on lyrics. If I like the tune or the beat, I'm a happy camper. Having said that, I'm really digging the new Deftones album 'Diamond Eyes'. It actually releases tomorrow (May 4), but my pre-ordered copy came in today's mail (although I must admit, I've been enjoying a downloaded copy for almost two months now).

In my opinion, it's their strongest album since 'White Pony' ten years ago. 'Diamond Eyes' actually represents the second album that Deftones has worked on since 2006's 'Saturday Night Wrist'. They were well into recording Saturday's follow up in 2008 when bassist Chi Cheng was in an auto accident that left him in a coma (he remains in a minimally conscious state). The band decided to put those recording's on hold and begin a new project that would become Diamond Eyes.

The majority of the first half of the album is filled with the classic hard driving Deftones sound, while the second half lightens up just a bit. The first two singles Rocket Skates and Diamond Eyes play to the heavy end of the Deftones spectrum, but I think my favorite song on the album is Beauty School. It's the exception to the weight the first few songs carry.

The Deftones definitely fall in the realm of 'not for everyone', heck, I didn't develope an appreciation for them until after seeing them live as part of Korn's Family Values Tour just before 'Saturday Night Wrist' was released in 2006. If you enjoy heavier tunes, definitely check out 'Diamond Eyes'. If not, the songs Beauty School and Sextape are still worth giving a listen.

I'm still not a big fan of purchasing music just digitally (call me crazy, but I prefer having a hard copy), but if you purchase the album through iTunes, there are 3 bonus songs. They are covers, but Deftones has done a wide variety of covers both live and as bonuses in the past and they have all been quite good.

Pick up the album here.


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