Review - Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole (2010), PG-13, 91 minutes - I have already seen all ten of this year's Oscar nominees for Best Picture, so I have also seen most of the Best Actor/Actress nominees. One nominee that I had not yet seen was Nicole Kidman's performance in Rabbit Hole. It came to the Grandin a week or so ago so I jumped on the chance to knock another nominee off of the 'need to see before the Oscars' list.

Rabbit Hole shows us the story of a couple (Becca and Howie, played by Kidman and Aaron Eckhart) just eight months removed from the tragic death of their young son (he chased the family dog into the street and was hit by a car), and how they are - or more importantly in Becca's case, how she isn't - coping with their loss. You also see how this effects those around them - the neighbors who invite them to a neighborhood cookout, the younger sister who just found out that she's pregnant, the mother who has also experienced the loss of a son (albeit an older, not so innocent one), the friend's with kids who no longer know how to interact with Becca and Howie because of their loss, and other members of the support group.

Rabbit Hole is just a really good look at people and their varying stages of grief and how everyone's time line is different. For the most part, it's a straight forward drama, but there is one little twist that I found very interesting about mid-way through. Nicole Kidman's performance is definitely deserving of her Oscar nomination, and Aaron Eckhart's is pretty good in his own right. This is by no means a happy film, but it is definitely worth a look, it's just an interesting movie.


- For anyone interested, the twist mentioned above? The kid that Kidman was stalking turns out to be the driver of the car that killed her son. It's not just this revelation that's interesting, it's how her getting to know the kid really helped her come to terms with what happened.

- Not so spoiler-ish: seeing Rabbit Hole whittled my 'need to see before the Oscars' list down to Biutiful and Blue Valentine.


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