The 89th Annual Academy Awards (2017)

I won't be making any picks this year, due to my lack of viewing of nominated films but I felt as though I should get something up on the blog today ahead of tonight's ceremony.  Most followers of the blog are already aware that I managed to see significantly fewer films over the last eight months of 2016 between the part time job I picked up on the side and the craziness of the holidays.  Since then I've been able to slowly get back to my old habits, but still have not seen nearly as many nominated films as I usually do.

After an at-home double feature yesterday, I have managed to see four of this year's nine Best Picture nominees (Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, Hell or High Water, Manchester by the Sea).  I have not had the opportunity to get thoughts 'on paper' for yesterday's viewing (Hacksaw Ridge, Hell or High Water), but I enjoyed all of these films.  I have held off on La La Land primarily because my wife has expressed an interest, and not being a huge musical fan myself, would prefer to watch that with her.  I've heard great things, and it was nominated for a record-tying 14 nominations.  I have been an Emma Stone fan for quite a while and having not seen any of the Best Actress nominee's films, I am hoping that she wins tonight.  Of the films I have seen, Arrival was easily my favorite and I hope that it manages to take home at least one of the categories that it was nominated for, which may prove difficult as all but one are the same categories that also include La Land.

I haven't decided yet whether or not I'm going to actually stay up to watch the entirety of the Oscars tonight.  As much as I love tuning in, they have always been very slow and drawn out, and with having very little invested in preparation this year, I'm not sure that it would be worth my time.  However, I am quite interested to see how things turn out.  I'm sure that based upon the results that I'll have a few more films to add to my 'need to watch' list.  Good luck to all of tonight's nominees!


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