Top 10 Most Anticipated Films That I Missed from 2016

Since I really didn't get to all that many movies over the last two thirds of 2016, I certainly didn't see enough to compile my standard annual Top 10 list.  So, this year I thought it'd be fun to do something a little different in its place.  Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the Top 10 films that I missed from 2016 that I most want to see!

Honorable Mention (in alphabetical order): The AccountantThe BFG, Inferno, Jason Bourne, The Magnificent Seven

10) Passengers - Even though this film doesn't seem to have done as well in theaters as one may have expected, I'm still very interested in checking it out.  Jennifer Lawrence?  Chris Pratt?  Sci-fi?  Yes please!

9) Sully - Anything starring Tom Hanks is worth giving a watch, so this film based on the amazing emergency landing from a few years ago makes the list.

8) The Secret Life of Pets - This film looks absolutely hilarious and is one that I missed last summer for a couple of reasons.  1) the part time job was sucking up any available free time and 2) my wife expressed an interest so I was waiting to be able to see it with her.  Hopefully we'll have the chance to rent it from Redbox soon.

7) The Girl on the Train - My wife has read the book, and I am currently torn on whether or not I want to read it before seeing the film.  I generally try to read books prior to seeing their film adaptations if I'm really interested, but I'm not the world's fastest reader so that slows things up for me at times.

6) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - I had actually stopped working the part time job by the time this film came out in November.  But at that point I was then juggling the crazy 'get ready for the holidays' schedule and managed to miss it.  I've never read any of the Harry Potter books (they were a bit after 'my time'), but I really enjoyed the movies.  I'm really looking forward to another cinematic entry from that universe.

5) Hasksaw Ridge - I honestly hadn't thought much about this film when it first came out.  However, it received six Academy Award nominations and is based on the actions of Desmond Doss, a man born in Lynchburg, VA (under an hour away from here).

4) Arrival - My reasoning behind wanting to see this film is going to sound very familiar to my reasons for wanting to see Passengers: Amy Adams? Check.  Jeremy Renner?  Check.  Forrest Whitaker?  Check.  Sci-fi/Aliens? Check!  Oh yeah, it also nabbed eight Oscar nominations.  Not too shabby.

3) Hidden Figures - I likely won't be seeing this until it comes out on home video/rental as it is one that both my wife and I are very interested in (she doesn't like dealing with theaters).  I've only heard good things from those who have already seen it, and it was nominated for three Academy Awards.

2) Hell or High Water - After first seeing the trailer I was really looking forward to this film, but it came out in August, and became another casualty of lack of time due to the second job.  Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, and Ben Foster all tend to do good work and it looks to be a heist film of sorts.  Count me in as soon as I have the chance.

1) La La Land - Nominated for a record-tying fourteen Academy Awards this year, La La Land is a film that crept up on my radar.  I'm not a huge fan of musicals, but I do appreciate a well made one.  Also, both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are among my personal favorites in recent years.  I also just learned that it was written and directed by Damien Chazelle, who's last film was Whiplash, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  These reasons place La La Land easily at the very top of my list of films from 2016 that I missed that I need to see!

Where there any films from this past year that you missed that you particularly want to see?  What were they?


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