Trailer Talk - World War Z (2013)

I haven't read Max Brooks' novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, which is the source material for this upcoming Brad Pitt flick.  It is a book that I have heard is quite good, but bears very little resemblance to this big screen counterpart based on internet chatter.

Having heard that, World War Z still looks like it could be pretty entertaining.  Brad Pitt is almost always good, and a quick look at shows that he is joined in the cast by the likes of Matthew Fox and David Morse.  It is also directed by Marc Forster, who has a pretty diverse list of films to his credit including Monster's Ball, Stranger Than Fiction, and Quantum of Solace.  The zombies don't appear to be your run of the mill undead either.  They move quickly and en-mass, almost like a wave crashing down on the shore.

We've got a few more months to wait before World War Z hits theaters.  It doesn't release until June of 2013, but base on this initial trailer I think I'll be checking it out.


  1. That looks pretty epic. I like how they appear to be "hordes" rather than the shuffling dead...


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