Trailer Talk - Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Zero Dark Thirty is director Kathryn Bigelow's first film since her Oscar winning effort The Hurt Locker (Best Director and Best Picture in 2010).  It is based on the hunt for, and death of Osama bin Laden thanks to Navy SEAL Team 6 in May of 2011.

The Hurt Locker was a very small budget film, filled with great performances from relatively unknown actors at the time.  This time around, she is armed with a much larger budget for another military thriller and a cast filled with promising and veteran stars.  Jessica Chastain has proven to be a force with roles in recent films like The Debt, The Help, and The Tree of Life).  Joel Edgerton was excellent in Warrior, and Mark Strong and Kyle Chandler are good in just about everything they work on.

With all of the classified information that revolves around such events, we may never know how accurate this portrayal of the story is.  It will be interesting to see how politically charged the film turns out to be.  The Hurt Locker was an excellent military thriller that managed not to get too political.  The fact that it is directed by Bigelow and written by Mark Boal (also the screenwriter for The Hurt Locker) pretty much guarantees that it will be a pretty intense and thrilling film.  Based on the success of (and my love for) The Hurt Locker, my expectations are fairly high for Zero Dark Thirty.  I'm hoping that the strength of those both in front of and behind the camera will make this well worth checking out.


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